Funding Completed

Bridget Ezekiel

Kaduna, Nigeria.

"This loan helps Bridget to pay for her children's school fees and to expand her farm."

My name is Mrs Ezekiel Bridget, I am a farmer from kaduna state.

GEIDI LTD is Social impact, agricincubator organisation that provides small holder agric businesses with leverage so they can participate commercially in their local market and satisfy premium markets with their produce and products.

Maize, the American Indian word for corn, means literally "that which sustains life". Maize farming and production is a high-potential business opportunity in Africa. Did you know that by planting just one seed of maize, you get over 500 kernels in return at harvest? That’s an incredible return on investment! 

Amount Required $ 1,237
Amount Raised $ 1,237
Fundraisng Period 1 month
Land Preparation 1 month
Cultivation Period 2 months
Harvest & Sale 2 months
Total Lending Period 6 months
Project Location Kakau Kaduna, Kaduna
Size of Farm 2 Hectares
Project Stage Repaid