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Frequently asked questions

With your support to our farmers, they will be provided with the resources to improve their productivity, reduce the risks and thus increase the profit of the farm. All Growsel farmers are provided not just with the capital to continue farming but also support from start to finish of each farm cycle. This includes trainings on global agricultural best practices, crop insurance, extension services, market access and assured buyer of crops and latest technologies integrated in their farm plan.

Farmers are grouped into clusters and are managed by our local Trustees. The local Trustee visits the farms regularly and monitors the progress of each farmer in reference with the farm plan they have submitted. The farm calendar shows the schedule of activities along with the resources and labor needed. Selling of produce will be coordinated by the local Trustee and the farmer. The buyer will be authorized by Growsel and shall pay directly through Growsel.

Growsel DOES NOT give farmers money. Growsel local Trustee partners disburses resources in the form of inputs and working capital to these farmers. Farmers are provided with the resources only at the time the product is already needed and only when the labor has been finished.

Traditionally, farmers needed to approach informal lenders and loan sharks to get the capital they needed to start a farming cycle. This made them profitless due to the high interest rates put upon them and most cases never get such loans. With Growsel farmers get paid for labor and at the same time take majority of the profit while getting trainings on global agricultural best practices - significantly better than other lenders. Hence, their great reception of the services of Growsel.

We provide you with improved seeds, pesticide chemicals, fertilizers, tractors, global agricultural best practices and mobile technology to get started. While funds for direct labor, weeding and farm management related needs are disbursed according to farmers need on an ongoing basis only.

We connect you with supporters who will support your farms. We provide access to Global Agricultural Best Practices, enhanced agricultural inputs - such as seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, tractors which are scarcely available and expensive to smallholder farmers

Growsel connects under-financed smallholder farmers with supporters. Our vision is to empower and support smallholder like you with funding through technology. We are empowering community smallholder farmers to achieve their potential and increased yield. We enable local farmers to raise money from our most passionate agricultural investors and supporters. Get access to funding, farm inputs and global best practice advice through SMS.

Once accepted by Growsel or Growsel Trustees upon agreeing to our Terms, you will need to provide Growsel with detailed Business Plans and is subjected to our farm verification processes.

Supporters typical gets return on support around 20% depending on the crop, Growsel takes 20% platform fee and Trustee takes 10% fee for coordianting extension services and others.