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Cassava Farming Project: I specialize in planting and management of hybrid Cassava Stems (TME 419) that matures in a period of 11-12 months.This cassava hybrid is rich in starch content and because of this can be consumed as a rich source of carbohydrate and used for manufacturing of ethanol by cassava processing firms.

To plant and manage the hybrid Cassava (TME 419) FOR 3 hectare,it will cost N500,000 from start (planting) to harvest stage and we are projecting a very high profit margin and return on investment as well.Cassava farming involves the purchasing of the hybrid stems,getting very good tractorable land that are also suitable for the growth of the cassava.The use of fertilizers can not be overestimated and as well routine weeding of the land as at when due.These will make way for a very good harvest when it matures. The rains have started in earnest, so lets take the opportunity to make this happen...

Farmer: Festus Sunday Olawumi

Experience: 20 years

Farm Location: Ogbomosho, Oyo State

Farm Size: 3 Hectares

Cassava Type: High Starch Quality

Farm Visits: This can be coordinated upon request from investors.

Cassava Plantation

This farm loan will empower Festus to cultivate cassava on commercial basis to help him feed Sunday Festus
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